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Wonderful Activities

College of Communications Engineering Opened New Model of Scientific Research Supporting Practical Teaching during Pandemic

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Posted on: 2020-10-27

“Learning and practice in one”: College of Communication Engineering started a new teaching model of “research giving back to teaching” during the pandemic.

In order to fight against the Covid-19 pandemic and according to relevant requirements of the Ministry of Education and Jilin University, the College of Communications Engineering (CCE) actively conducted research projects during the pandemic, as a way to promote teaching, and guarantee smooth running of undergraduate education during the pandemic, under the principle of “suspending classes without suspending learning, and ensuring zero delay of learning”.

While masks were in severe shortage in China when Covid-19 hit China the hardest, the faculty members and students of Jilin University responded immediately. The School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education took the lead and organized Shi Yiran, Chen Jinshi, Wu Yue and Zhang Jindong – teachers from CCE, School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Research Institute for Chain Drive, and College of Software Engineering – to lead 10 postgraduates and 6 undergraduates to tackle key problems in “AI Project Base”. After one and a half month’s hard work, the team designed and developed a fully automatic flat mask machine with independent intellectual property rights, which was put into operation in Guangdong Hezheng Mask Factory. As of now, it has produced more than 10 million masks accumulatively, which partially alleviated mask shortage and demonstrated Jilin University’s sense of social responsibility.The design concept of the machine was more advanced than its market competitors, with a state-of-the-art and complete industrial production chain covering a fully automatic control system, 5G communication, cloud storage, and MES management system. It is a paradigm of industry-education-research integration.


In addition, at the beginning of the new semester, CCE brought this mask machine into campus, and used it in field practice and practical learning for undergraduates majoring in control science and engineering, which effectively relieved Covid-19’s impact on undergraduate practical teaching.


Teaching is the foundation of a university, while scientific research shows the path for a university to grow strong. The quality of talent cultivation is the be-all and end-all of education. Through scientific research and innovative practice, we integrate social requirements with the most cutting-edge technology in the discipline, and bring research results into the teaching process, to broaden academic visions, inspire scientific thinking, and shape the innovative spirit of students. At the same time, it has also contributed Jilin University’s share in the fight against the pandemic and social development.